We are pleased to inform you about developments in the long process of approval by Parliament and the Council on the application of patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare. The individual steps are carefully followed at each level.
Once approved at first reading by Parliament on April 23, 2009, the measure has been blocked in the Council for a long time because of discussions between Member States.

In the 1st half of 2010, the Spanish Presidency has done a great deal and a compromise text which was approved 7 to 8 June 2010 by the 27 European health ministers. The Council of September 13 adopted on first reading its own position.

This was sent to Parliament to express its position on second reading, at about the meeting between the 13 and 16 December 2010.
Once an agreement with the Council that the scope complex procedure is completed.

With the subsequent performance of formal acts that may reasonably be thought that an act of extraordinary importance for our sector will be approved in the first year nex months.
At every level in this final stage of OMTh it is especially committed to concrete ideas and the ideas discussed in the meetings because we think are of strategic importance not only for the European spa, but as a «model» for the different continents.
We will keep you informed of any developments.

Ennio Gori
OMTh President



President SITH, Secret. General Tourism, President OMTH, Professor of Medical Hydrology

The application of heat treatments to improve the health of people is centuries old and in every continent, can still find clues and remains of buildings that were built for this purpose since the early periods.

Almost all nations are characterized by a great wealth of variety and diversity of deposits of mineral water and medicines. Around them many spa resorts have started their business by developing a broad knowledge of thermal technologies, their applications and their healing effects.

Marcial Campos, president of the World Organization of Cures and the International Society of Hydrothermal Technology (1977 – 1992) began extensive work to promote and publicize the virtues of the use of these waters, also it describes its advantages and quality.

The World Organisation for Cures (OMTh), the International Society of Hydrothermal Technology (SITH) and the International Society of Medical Hydrology (ISMH), in collaboration with the Baths of Cuntis, with the aim of continuing scientific research and its dissemination Thermal, give each year, «Marcial Campos» International Award for thermal research, with a budget of € 4,000.00 uro.

This fifth edition of the award is highly involved, since many studies were presented: from Spain, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil. These studies covered various aspects of the spa (including medical and geological dimension or other issues related to the physical and chemical parameters).

The winner was Pedro Alfredo Martin, PhD in Geology, who presented a study entitled «The hydrothermal resources in the area of ​​Upper Midwest Upwelling of the Province of Santiago del Estero (Argentina).» This work was carried out in a professional manner, with a good knowledge of hydrothermal resources and also illustrated with excellent exposure, using appropriate terminology and a fairly extensive bibliography.

The value of this study lies in the representation of the overexploitation of aquifers Rio Hondo, which threatens the use of this water for therapeutic purposes. It also emphasizes the importance of preventing excessive and uncontrolled consumption and propose measures to avoid or defend and protect this precious water resource.

Dr. Alfredo Pedro Martin with prize giving il consegnato Ms Carmen Pardo

Segretaria Generale della Galizia Tourism

The award was presented on September 25 by the Secretary General of Tourism, Ms. Carmen Pardo and in the presence of the President of the World Organization for Cures (OMTh), Dr. Ennio Gori, President of the International Society for Technical Hydrothermal (SITH), Dr. Andres Campos, Professor of Medical Hydrology, Dra. Josefina San Martin Bacaicoa and other important political, economic and social representative personalities, such as Member of Parliament of Galicia, Dr. Carmen Cajide, Secretary of Government Dr. Delfín Fernández Álvarez and the city of Santiago, Dositheo Rodriguez.

Ennio Gori President Omth During il suo intervento

In this ceremony of the sixth edition of the award he was also launched, with a budget increased to € 5,000.00 uro.

More information is available on the website or

Dott. Andre Campos

President SITH



The World Forum is the most important thermal Europe-wide annual meeting.

We are pleased that President Paolo Gruppo out in his speech ISSUES 2010.

I recommend everyone to participate in a unique event in front of the current thermal problems

Thermal World Forum

Abano Terme, 12-13 November 2010 – fourth edition

In Spa becomes increasingly an experience to be enjoyed, thermal product also becomes a more complex system that needs to meet the demand of tourists in search not only of curative treatments as well as proposals for leisure, as the possibility of contact with the hosting area.

The fourth edition of Thermal World Forum, to be held in Abano Terme (PD) between 12 and 13 November 2010, offer a series of meetings, round tables, conferences during the event, with the aim of improve and deepen specific aspects of the spa system, continuing the path of previous years and improved networking activities at local, national and European level, thus maintaining the high level of scientific contributions during the Forum.

Originally, the WFT was created as a network for complete power system in order to start building reflections, give concrete answers and describe the prospects for growth in this sector. In recent years, the WTF has established a local, regional, national and international and European level.

In previous years we have focused on the relationship between Spa and lifestyles to protect the rule of psycho-physical and social development of individuals and spa, a rediscovery of welfare, health, and more generally as a lifestyle real.

Participants in previous editions have participated in an intense debate divided into thematic sessions ranging from high-quality clinical studies on aspects related to tourism, from training to the proposal for a European cultural model and started a political debate on current situation and its future and the new tourism development strategies spa Spa.


Medical Spa and social spending

Spas are becoming more and more places where we have a stress-free environment, which occurs in people a general psycho-physical well-being with positive health consequences.

Spending on health care and disease prevention in young and old people is growing year after year. There are increasing questions about optimizing new resources to enable prevention and treatment systems reducing their impact.

Spa tourism

Today the market needs a system of spa treatments that combine both traditional care and therapeutic treatments with relaxation needs, keep fit, improve health in general. In this new scenario the place of accommodation and sporting and cultural events play a major role. In this new perspective SPA become a product that combines with other different proposals so much emphasis on the attractions of the area.

Spa towns

It is the natural result of integrated tourism. Spa tourists require more ideas for your free time.

The urban development of spa towns

Spatial planning is essential to successfully market any tourist destination and create a local network of services appropriate and necessary.

Dr. Paolo Gruppo

President TWF


Hydrotherapy news from Brazil 2010

THERMALISM Brazilian World Cup and Olympics

Because performing in Brazil, both next Soccer 2014 and the 2016 World Olympics, the expectation is of national economic heating, especially in tourism and all its segments.

Independent of this, the Hydrotherapy is currently expanding here, mainly through activities related to: SPA, wellness, resorts, hydrothermal recreation, pelotherapy, thalassotherapy, dermatology, aesthetics, cosmetics, skin care, anti-aging , bottled water and nature tourism relations.

Perhaps the most notable features are its size Brazilian natural endowment, with the rich geodiversity, quirky, relatively intact environment and biodiversity. Rare are any kind of catastrophic climate, tectonic or volcanic occurrences in this land. With beautiful scenery, tropical climate, extensive Atlantic coast, the giant aquifer preserved and countless exotic geographic features, this country has unique therapeutic inventory (or healing, or SPA, or thermal) natural resources suitable for the development of Cures simultaneously they include climatotherapy, thalassotherapy and other activities of naturopathy.

And you know that these people friends? Do not give terrorism and economic indicators has been very favorable.

An example of the growing Brazilian Hydrotherapy can be shown through the four events taking place in 2010:

(1) II thermal Meeting OMTh Brazil – August 21 – ITA / SC;

(2) II Brazilian Symposium on Hydrology and Crenologia Medicine – October 13/15 – Natal / RN;

(3) First Seminar Paisagens, Cures and Tourism – October 22/24 – Caldas / MG;

(4) Skin Rejuvenation Conference, Hydrotherapy and balneotherapy Carbon Dioxide –

State of the Art and Prospects of Development – November 26/28 – São Paulo / SP.

Recently, Brazil II thermal Meeting OMTh occurred in Ita Thermas Resort and SPA / Santa Catarina, a colorful hydrothermal ranch therapeutically climate and landscape (photo) are inserted together. There, he participated representatives of public and private, from six Brazilian states sectors. Many other «thermalists» guests (includes Tourism and Health in Brazil and Latin America Federation Ministry of Cures-FLT / Cuba), who had not been able to appear, sent us suggestions and receive assignments abstract:

– Identify and evaluate a huge, diverse and unique yet unknown, the Brazilian natural endowment of means and thermal, climatic and therapeutic thalassotherapy resources.

– Organize strong arguments to demonstrate the political importance and economic sustainability * related activities Hydrotherapy segments.

– To strengthen Brazilian Society Cures (SBT) to be more representative geographically, economically attractive, easily become a media partner and popular.

– Encouraging regional organization of entities, events and tours.

– Promoting scientific and academic production of the various participants, international and interdisciplinary discipline.

– Technical and specialized courses Create (in this case, a major private institution – SENAC / SC, showed interest and inquire about associated with it).

– Interact with other segments of tourism, health, welfare, especially SPA, spas and natural value.

* Sustainable development and Cures in Brazil – 2010

– Comparison Hydrotherapy «vs.» General Economics dates (UN, OECD and Brazil)


-High Value added to natural resources

-Low Volume of consumption of raw materials

Urban possibility of exploiting nature (really rare)

-Increase The environment of the local community sense preservation

-Little Impact nature: also because tourism demands

-Low Residual dispersion (volume, surface and toxicity)

-Brasileñas Particulars relating to natural size, diversity and potential unknown potential geopolitical reality.


-Labor Provide opportunities for higher income «per capita»

-Knowledge, Information technology and founded

_ Induction to service jobs in urban areas saturated

He offers wellness

-Sostenible Health and providence (especially urban)

Integrated into political activities, economy, society and environment strategic national interest

-Historical and potential benefits of laws or government subsidies to farms and springs

-Great Variety of sectors and embraced segments

And most linked to the green economy and how thirty economy

Total -Expresivos monetary issues involved. –

Tadeu Fabio Lazzerini

Vice OMTh



Hydrotherapy in Argentina

With the clear aim of spreading the principles of hydrotherapy and thermalism according to academic guidelines, in order to introduce in the universities, implement and anticipate the environmental impact involved in these practices and, ultimately, with the aim of promoting the welfare and health of the people involved as Director of OMTh several initiatives:

Meetings with entrepreneurs, provincial and municipal authorities in areas with thermal resources: Villaguay (Entre Rios), Marine Spa, San Clemente del Tuyú (Buenos Aires), Pinamar (Buenos Aires), Fiambalá (Catamarca Province ), La Rioja (province of La Rioja), Ober (Misiones), …
Annual seminars – held four years ago – for students in the 6th year of the Faculty of Medicine of the National University of Comahue;
Senior course on «Quality of life» by UCEL (University of the Latin American Educational Center), 1 bathroom
Thermal meetings organized by the Federation La Rioja and Catamarca, and the Medical College of the Province of La Rioja, as a guest;

Through various documents relating to thermal tourism and health tourism attending the following conferences:

FEHGRA (Federation of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs Rep. Of Argentina) on «Tourism for health reasons»
Hotelga 2010 (Fair hoteliers and restaurateurs) in the Thermal and Spa area;
VitaSpa 2010 on «Mudtherapy», «today Spa, Spas and Thalassotherapy» and «water circuits Spa centers small and large.»

I was recently appointed Chairman of the Scientific Committee Cures in Argentina. I have published articles on the topics we discussed in the health supplement of the newspaper Clarín, a newspaper with national circulation and in the Ladevi magazine, specializing in tourism and also VitaSpa magazine.

I’m also planning to participate to:

– The Congress organized by the CACE, on behalf of the Argentina Medical Association

– The Thermalim day in the spa town of Fiambalá (Catamarca Province)

In all the above cases a major role has been given to the sixth edition of «Marcial Campos» International Award for thermal research and studies of Argentina, they have been examined for this purpose.

D. Nestor Hugo Ficosecco


Hydrotherapy in Colombia

With a contribution administered continuously with the most updated and comprehensive studies of mineral water – for topical use (contact), mud and natural healing of drinking mineral water – all those affected by the disease ensures significant changes in their health, so we expect them in the prevention, recovery and restoration of welfare to its normal situation.

Currently the world has a shortage of supply of mineral water is bacteriologically pure, with deep organic origin in order to reduce consumption of chlorinated water, which, although containing a universal soluble and has a high conductivity, not we can say – with certainty – completely free of traces of heavy metals, even after the purification process. Moreover, the massive consumption of artificial drinks rich in sugar, colorants, preservatives, flavoring chemicals increases further organ damage.

According to our experience with the mineralized water it is bottled in the spa town of San Vicente and Santa Rosa de Cabal Risaralda city in Colombia have the authority to demonstrate as a nutritional supplement and a debugger – like water – can provide the body with tools suitable for preventing damage, therefore, the regeneration of cells, the normalization of the function of the enzyme, maintaining a healthy environment internal alkaline, restoring normal functioning of the body, eliminating the typical diseases caused by organic decomposition, thus eliminating diseases not – because there is no real disease – but the sick.

The same water containing suspended colloids, intermediates, scrubbers, a nutritional supplement and also sulfates, divalent sulfur, essential amino acids and anti-toxins that enter the body 100 times faster than oxygen and scope of the circulatory system, triggered pathogens, increased white blood cell defenses and restore electrolyte balance. This allows blood flow and oxygen to strengthening the best possible way and tissue regeneration and removal of all foreign bodies.

I continue with my theme of my lectures in major cities around the country, in my column that appears every Saturday in the Journal of Otún, a local newspaper, the daily interviews on television and I insist on this issue with all that I have the opportunity to speak. As COTELCO a network of hotel owners who organized two conferences on hydrotherapy and spa, or the Deputy Minister of Tourism, who hired a consulting firm to develop the thermal tourism.

Lorencita Villegas, professor at Santa Rosa de Cabal College, is the owner of the first thermal Chair as curriculum, a group of biotechnology has created the association of the three departments of the Coffee and include in its agenda the thermal development. It is supported by the Inter-American Development Bank.

Serna just Betancourth Lisbo

President Termales San Vicente, Colombia

ACTH President, First Vice President, member of the admissions committee Sith OMTH


Justo Serna Lisbo BETACOURTH

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