History Thermal treatment applied to the improvement of people´s health has been carried out for centuries. In fact, traces and remains of these establishments devoted to this aim, still survive from different ages. Almost every country in the world has a rich variety and diversity of mineral and medicinal waters, around which lots of spas have developed their activity. Simultaneously, […]

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NEWSLETTER OMTH MARZO 2016 PREMESSA La newsletter di questo periodo ci porta ad alcune riflessioni. Lo stato del termalismo terapeutico e del benessere termale in Europa, nonostante la situazione economica generale, raggiunge risultati soddisfacenti. In America Latina è in atto un forte impegno per sviluppare l’aspetto essenziale della ricerca scientifica, ma l’offerta termale è sostanzialmente incentrata sull’aspetto ludico. In Cina […]

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” The International Society of Hydrothermal Techniques” , one of the oldest organizations and world leaders Hydrotherapy held next June 41 2014 the International Congress on Hydrotherapy facilities in the Termas de Cuntis . At the event they will involve key professionals and experts from different countries in Europe, America and Asia sector. This year under the slogan ” Cures […]

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