028v-020The International Society of Hydrothermal Techniques was founded over thirty years ago with the principal aim of promoting in all countries the study and research into the applications of hydrothermal techniques within different scientific disciplines such as engineering, climatology, architecture, economy, geology and biology, amongst others.

Over the last few years the Society has put special emphasis on collaborating with different institutions and organisations to develop an adequate legal framework for the protection of our hydro-climatic heritage, as well as promoting the study of hydrothermal techniques at University level.

The aim with which this society was founded is increasingly relevant on a global level. International organisations and governments have highlighted that one of the greatest challenges faced by humankind is the rational use of our planet’s water resources, and amongst these water resources, thermal and mineral waters are of unique importance.

The unique value of these waters lies in their service to human health. The curative powers of thermal and mineral waters have been known for centuries, and they have been used to this end by practically all civilizations on every continent.

It is estimated that over fifty million people use thermal water for strictly curative purposes each year, and many millions more enjoy these waters in the so-called ‘wellness’ centres. Whole cities have been built around spas, contributing to the development of cultures, serving as a connection between different generations. The great variety of thermal waters makes it possible to claim that there is no country in the world without thermal water, and that there are no two identical thermal waters.

The SITH’s aim is to favour research, share information between countries and professionals, and to publish and promote collaboration between different organisations linked to the hydrothermal world. Ultimately the aim of this Society is to help people achieve a better quality of life by using one of oldest medical techniques that exist, hydrothermal treatment.

The SITH was founded in 1959 by people from different countries who shared a wish to develop the uses of thermal waters. Conventions have been held in many countries across the continents: Italy , France , Russia , Germany , Spain , Argentina , Belgium , Poland , Switzerland , Hungary , Sweden , Turkey , Czech Republic , United Kingdom , Cuba , Romania , Japan , Iran and Mexico .

The SITH is a non-governmental non-profit association that dedicates all its resources to the achievement of its foundational objectives. The central office is located in Spain at present, and the organisation is structured around the national sections in each country, sections which are the basic framework of the organisation on a worldwide basis.