1. To stimulate and promote in all countries investigations, studies and applications of hydrothermal technique (thermal and hydro-) within the fields of architecture, engineering, economics, sociology, chemistry, physics, science, geology, hygiene , bacteriology and microbiology or any other science or activity with direct or indirect connection to this sector.

2. Advertise with all possible means to foster collaboration between different agencies working in the hydrothermal field, establishing contacts among industry professionals, organizing study tours to publicize the thermal stations and work programs hydrothermal techniques.

3. Collaborate in the realization of a perfect legislation at international level and in each country for the protection of international hydro-heritage and development at university level, teaching hydrothermal techniques.

4. Assess technical hydrothermal activity and their functions within the international Hydrotherapy, defend the general interests of its members and strive to develop hydrothermal establishments and facilities.

5. Maintain contact with medical and technical associations with an interest in hydrothermal and similar activities. Exercise any other similar activity interesting for the evolution of Hydrotherapy.

6. Support the establishment of new centers of research and experimentation, as well as studies in this area are made not hesitating to make technical consultations to improve hydrothermal establishments.

7. Creating information services (possibly with other associations or similar organizations), for the benefit of the association and its members with a view to technical innovations in the sector.