Thermal treatments for the improvement of people´s health haves been applied for centuries. In fact, traces and remains of establishments devoted to this aim still survive from different ages. Almost every country in the world has a rich variety and diversity of mineral and medicinal waters, around which spas have developed their activity. Simultaneously, a wide knowledge on thermal techniques, their applications and healing effects, have been developed. Marcial Campos, chairman of the World Thermal Organization and of the International Society of Hydrothermal Techniques (1977 – 1992) carried out an important task of promoting and spreading at international levels the virtues of using these waters, emphasizing its advantages and qualities. The World Thermal Organization, the International Society of Hydrothermal Techniques and the International Society of Medical Hydrology, along with Termas de Cuntis, wishing to continue the scientific research on Thermalism and to spread it even more, has decided to convoke the international Prize Marcial Campos to award thermal research.


  1. The works will deal with any subject related to the research and application of mineral and medicinal water, and its impact on people and communities. Papers can relate to any of the following subjects: a) Medical Hydrology, Climatology, Thalassoterapy, Bacteriology and Biology; b) Geology, Geochemistry, Chemistry and Physics; c) Engineering, Architecture, Urbanism, Environmental Science; d) Economy, Finance, Law.
  2. Any original work following these rules can be proposed for the prize.
  3. The authors of the works can be one or several. The prize can be divided among different works, and can be declared void.
  4. The prize will be awarded in Cuntis (Pontevedra – Spain), and the dates will be notified in advance.
  5. The work must be one side on DIN A4 paper, and properly numbered pages, with a maximum of 100, in any kind of computer file (diskette or via e-mail), with its title or motto, and without any detail that could help to identify its author. In another computer file, the same motto will be shown, and inside the file the title of the work and the author´s name, address and telephone number will be included, together with a sworn statement on the date of the work (not before the year 2018). A copy of the text must be submitted in English or Spanish.
  6. The research works will be sent (by post or e-mail) to the General Secretary of SITH (Termas de Cuntis, C/ Rúa do Balneario, 1; 36670 Cuntis (Pontevedra – Spain), from December 1st 2019 to December the 31st 2019.
  7. The jury will act with total freedom and, in addition to its usual capacities to award the prize and issue the ruling, it will also have the power to interpret the conditions and set their working rules. The jury decision will be taken by simple majority of the present members. This decision will be final and unappealable.
  8.  The prize amounts to 10.000 €.
  9. Only for reasons of the historical memory of the prizes here mentioned, OMTh. SITH, ISMH, and Termas de Cuntis will keep at least two copies of the winning work.
  10. Taking part in this contest implies complete agreement with these rules. Those participants who do not fit these conditions will be excluded.
  11. Non – prize winning authors will be allowed to take their works not later than one month since the contest ruling, at the same address where they were handed in. The General Secretary of SITH declines any responsibility for the loss of works taking part in this contest, in addition to the damages they could undergo in its the reception or during its custody
  12. The organizing institutions will spread the work in the most suitable circles. The winner/s will attend their request for the presentation of the work to the media, in a press conference. For further information, please phone +34 986 53 25 25, making reference to the international Prize Marcial Campos, or e-mail: termas@termasdecuntis.com.

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